The Sisters of Life and the McGrath Institute for Church Life teamed up with CampCampo Films to create an original 12-part video series based on the work of the Sisters serving women who are pregnant. Journey with the Sisters of Life as they explain what it means to walk with a woman who is pregnant and vulnerable. Learn what it means to deeply listen to and understand the heart of another, how to rejoice in the beauty of the individual person, and what it means to truly accompany someone into God’s life and freedom. 

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Because every life is a gift. Because every person is made in the image and likeness of God. Because every woman deserves to be cherished in her maternity. Because we need to uphold one another.

Because pro-life isn’t about labels. Pro-life is about people.

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The program consists of 12 videos, personal reflection questions, and group discussion questions. Although the program is designed to be completed in small in-person groups over the course of 12 weeks, it can be adapted to a wide variety of formats, including personal use at your own pace.

The full listing of video titles: 

  1. Summoned to Life: Spiritual Foundations
  2. Seeing Reality: The Contemplative Outlook
  3. This is God’s Work: The Power of Prayer
  4. Vulnerability: An Identity Crisis
  5. Hope and Fear: Understanding the Heart of a Pregnant Woman
  6. Exodus from Fear: Accompanying Her to Life
  7. Rejoicing in Her: Our Disposition of Heart
  8. Maternity is Forever: Hope and Healing After Abortion
  9. Maternity is Forever: Adoption 
  10. Listening a Person into Life: The Art of Being Present
  11. Listening a Person into Life: How to Listen Well
  12. Listening a Person into Life: Reflective Listening

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  • McGrath Institute for Church Life
  • Sisters of Life
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